The Recovery Power of Positive Thinking

Do you still remember the last time you were sick? How did it feel? And did it feel even worse as you succumb to negative attitude as you automatically focus your mind on the sickness? This occurs as we enable our mind to harp on the unfavorable. But how did it felt when a loved one takes care of you and declares you that you are getting well? Your attention shifts as you dwell on healthy and favorable ideas.

Positive thinking is no magical pill that eliminates all illness quickly. However, in a few days time you do improve. The result is similar to using medication as it formulates the strong belief that you are getting well. Positive thinking, thinking that you will be healed, and together with the results of the medication work hand-in-glove for a rapid healing.

There have been many investigates about the effects of positive thinking on recovery an individual. Some research studies show that positive thinking undoubtedly can assist an individual heal.

A clinical research was done to see how idea can affect health status. It has actually been shown that when a person is in a lot of tension, the immune system of the body deteriorates. But when a person believes favorably and eases his stress, the body immune system of the body reinforces.

Ways to develop positive thinking:

1)Say Positive, Think Positive– always use positive words not just when speaking but also when you are thinking. Phrases such as “I can” and “I am capable” are just a few of the examples.

2)Feel Positive– let favorable sensations flow through you. Get the feeling of joy, strength and success.

3)Around Positive – be with people who believe favorably. Favorable and unfavorable sensations are infectious. Being with individuals whose spirits are damped can likewise make your spirits damp. However being with individuals whose outlook in life is positive then it will rub off on you too.

Establishing a favorable mindset is the key to self recovery. It is not that easy to develop however it is obtainable. Having a positive outlook in life will empower you. Even if your scenario or circumstances are not what you desire them to be, simply think favorable and expect beneficial results. With a favorable outlook, your life will alter.

In healing through positive thinking, it would not appertain to say that you don’t have to look for the aid of a doctor when you are not feeling well. It would not also be right not to take medications anymore considering that all you require is to believe favorable about your condition and you will be healed. Exactly what is indicated here is that you use favorable thinking side by side with your existing treatment.

While you remain in treatment and you think adversely of your condition, you will definitely deteriorate. Conversely, if you are in an unfavorable situation and you utilize positive thinking side by side with your treatment, then it will help you considerably. Your mind and thoughts have an incredible impact on your body and life!

Positive Thinking – What Can It Do For You?

Positive thinking is an incredible tool, however without action it’s a waste of time. Instead of just having a short-term thought it’s more of a lifestyle. It’s a technique that you use to create favorable affirmations that can counter negative ideas and doubts by neutralizing them and constructing the self-esteem you need for whatever you want to attain.

Believing in this manner is a skill you can find out and develop with consistent practice, but it deserves it to develop a habit of positive thinking?

In some circles positive thinking is sometimes cynically referred to as pollyannaish, a naive and excessively positive view of life by overlooking the important things we do not like and focusing just on the great.

So how about you?

How do you see things, adversely or favorably? It can be easy for everybody to focus only on the unfavorable however it’s usually as easy to try to find a positive angle to things as it is for an unfavorable angle.

By looking on the positive side we can impact our subconscious mind as we invoke the law of attraction and we can then attract a much better set of circumstances into our life. Remember focus on the positive and anticipate a positive result but did you know that it takes as much effort to consider the unfavorable as it is for the favorable.

In some ways positive thinking is infectious and can result in a ‘can do’ attitude within a private, a team and an organization. It’s been said that the only difference in between a success and a failure is the attitude of mind the person had prior to they entered that task.

One can not pay lip service to positive thinking. You have to practice and make positive believing your dominating attitude to life. The very feel of positive thinking itself will help you to feel great and move to your goal.

In order to get the excellent status of favorable thinker, we need to recognize what positive thinking is all about and exactly what it is not. Our typical misunderstandings about positive thinking are that money will drop out of the sky; GOD will begin a chariot to eliminate the sufferings and pains and lot more imaginations, while this would be terrific regrettably it will not happen but by staying positive you remain open up to new directions and guidance rather than simply shutting down and giving up.

Mindset forms a vital part of positive thinking whereas believing contributes lot to the attitude. It’s sort of like the chicken and egg, which preceded? If you have a bad attitude you’ll never consider altering how you think but can positive thinking alter your mindset.

How you address this age-old concern about positive thinking and attitude might show your outlook on life, your attitude towards yourself, and whether you’re positive or cynical.

A favorable attitude and positive thinking are healthy. When you totally adopt a ‘with all your heart’ attitude and go all out with the favorable concept, you can do unbelievable things. Happy, optimistic individuals are normally described as having positive attitudes and revealing positive ideas.

Positive thinking is a mental attitude that confesses into the mind ideas, words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion and success.

After Christopher Reeve’s accident in 1995, I was so deeply touched by his mindset. Naturally he might have given up and cursed life for offering him a raw deal but he didn’t. But consider this if had not have been so brave and favorable do you really think he would have endured for so long as he did? And deep down we all appreciate him for having such a positive mindset and inspiring us all.

As I complete this post, no matter what takes place to us, we can select positive ideas and pick a favorable attitude. It might not be something that we were all born with but it’s a method of looking at the brighter side of life that assists us develop the life we desire.

You could sum it up in one word, and that one would be “Faith”.

Fearing Love or Loving Your Fears?

Love is a built-in feature in our life where the rest of our emotions fall: joy, anger, desperation, guilt, fear and so on. One will never know what these emotions are all about if we do not have love. A person who doesn’t know how to love is somehow having an emotional anomaly, some individuals would say.

Fearful lady

Indeed, love is a many splendid thing. But to some, falling in love becomes a kind of anxiety, a kind of fear or phobia that needs attention. Just like the rest of the known fears like snakes, spiders, closed room, crowded spaces etc., the fear of falling in love or being in an intimate relationship to another person is called Philophobia. Perhaps some may say that such condition is ridiculous and absurd. Silly as it may seem, but its existence is real. It is a condition that needs treatment.


Now that this problem is made known, it is important to know more about it. The few things we can attempt to know about philophobia are its symptoms.

A person suffering from this kind of phobia develops an uncontrollable irrational extreme fear to being emotionally attached to another individual. Just the thought or imminence of it can lead to symptoms like nausea, function and breathing difficulty, excessive sweating, avoidance, rapid heartbeat and feeling of extreme fear to the point of panic. These symptoms vary depending on the severity of the person’s condition.

It is important to keep in mind that sometimes a person with philophobia may have social anxiety disorders as well. It does complicate the condition. However, Philophobia in itself is not a social anxiety disorder. It has similarities to disinhibited social engagement disorder (DSED) common to children under 18 years old. This condition keeps a person from forming an intimate relationship with others which could be a result of childhood trauma or abandonment.

Attachment disorders
attachment disorder chart

The fear is related to the inability to gamble being abandoned again and experience the same pain that they had before when they did get close or became intimate with someone. This fear then makes a person react in an avoidance kind of manner.

Although specific phobias are greatly affected by genetics and environment, some cases of having specific phobias are because of the brain functioning changes.

Interestingly enough, this phobia is not included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, a doctor will not provide this kind of diagnosis to patients. However, if the symptoms occur in an overwhelming behavior, one should seek psychological help. Suicide, isolation, abuse of drugs and alcohol and depression and anxiety disorders are common worse-case scenarios of untreated phobias.


Treatment, however, depends on the severity of the condition of the patient and includes therapy, change of lifestyle, medication or a combination of these.  The need to examine the source of fear will allow the patient to check the source of such condition. Sometimes, scenarios can also be a helpful tool to identify possible patients such as asking the questions “Am I still in my mind? What will happen after?”. Setting up some goals that the patient should overcome such as responding to a simple hello will definitely start to ease the fears.


Like the rest of the phobias, anti-depressants are prescribed if a person has a diagnosis of mental disorder, a combination of medications and therapy is usually used.

Lifestyle Changes

A healthy lifestyle such as having regular exercise, attentiveness strategies and relaxation techniques are common recommendations from medical practitioners.

Do you know someone you think have developed such symptoms?

If so,  it is important for us to recognize that it’s a serious condition that needs to be understood no matter how ridiculous it may seem. Learn more about the phobias and understand it.  Do not put an hourglass in their head to do something they are not prepared to do so. Allow them to learn how and when to seek help if its right and go an extra mile in the way you care for them. Lastly, ask how you can you help them and do help.

We all have our own strength and weaknesses after all. Let us remember that no matter how absurd a person’s weakness is, the struggle of mankind is more or less the same. The humility to recognize the condition in oneself or in another is the key to overcoming such fear.

Love mountain

It Runs in the Blood

I could say that growing up in a small and peaceful village like Belle of Beauty and the Beast is what some people want to be. Looking back through the years of living in the village, I am convinced that such enchanted place does exist and the characters seem to fit naturally to each person I bump into. I am not talking about the real story but the setting.  As a whole, it truly does reflect the nature of living in a village – – wherein your life is usually an open book.


I grew up in a small village where everybody knows each milestone of my family’s life. This was starting from my great grandparents up to my nieces and nephews … and even beyond to the new generations now. I came from a lineage of alcoholics and as far as I could remember, there was never a single day in my childhood life when I could say that my world is drunk-free. Well, my uncles and cousins are fun to be with all the time if that’s any consolation.

But why? Because the moment I wake up in the morning, they were already drunk and until I go to bed, they were still in some state of hallucination talking insensibly. I even came to thinking if time will come when I will be able to see their real selves which I haven’t — ever since I learned to walk and talk!

Time passed by and soon enough, one by one, their body gave up and went to eternal rest. But not before enduring ulcer and liver malfunction. I then learned to accept my fateful origin. Because of our family’s reputation, it greatly affected my personality and I struggled over low self-esteem and shame during my adolescence period. The bondage is still evident in my cousins’ persistent habitual drinking despite the terrible demise of our relative.  Now, it made me wonder why such simple cause-and-effect relationship is so hard to comprehend. They just shrug their shoulders and say “it runs in the blood” and so I thought that right there, I got the answer to my question.

I still remember that day when I won the price as the fastest beer drinker, people clapped their hands and said, “wow, it runs in your blood!” When my cousins were turned down in their marriage proposals, they said, “sorry, it runs in our blood.”  For so long, this reason pacifies my disappointments but not until one day, I decided to turn the table.


For the very first time in our generation, I made a stand that alcoholism is not a genetic characteristic handed over by our ancestors and something that we can merely excuse ourselves from by saying that it runs in your blood. Alcoholism is a form of addiction which is admittedly, a complex condition.  It is a brain disease that needs to be cured, like heart illness and cancer which is almost impossible to do alone. And thus, it requires lots of moral support from surrounding people. It may be a burden to us having alcoholics around but we need to show empathy and help them ultimately make the stand like I – and then my other relatives soon thereafter – thankfully did.